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Nowadays, carriage by air is the most promising area of international cargo delivery. Carriage by air from China is especially popular. This mode of transport is popular due to its reliability and efficiency, as well as the ability to deliver cargo from China intact. All this is especially important if perishable, urgent or requiring special conditions cargo is delivered.

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Carriage by air of high-value cargo

It is the most reliable and efficient way of delivery, which minimizes external influence and guarantees the safety of the cargo. Private entrepreneurs, commercial firms as so on use delivery by air service to deliver cargo from China. This mode of transportation has its own special aspects and demands certain knowledge to ensure maximum cargo safety. It includes dishware, medicines, various equipment, works of art, antiques and other fragile items. A lot of companies transport high-value cargo daily, but not everyone is familiar with the safety rules that help to keep it safe.

There are special rules for high-value cargo transportation, adhering to which it is easy to deliver cargo to its destination. That is why care should be taken in selecting the company that will provide the transportation.

The Карго-мск company offers its services and guarantees the safety of all cargo during air delivery from China to Ukraine.


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The trusted company

The Карго-мск company provides carriage by air from China for years. Responsibility for each employee, efficiency, adherence to the delivery time and cargo safety, an individual approach to each client helped us to earn the trust of clients and establish the company as a leader in the cargo transportation industry in Ukraine.

Benefits of carriage by air from China:

  • Fast delivery time;
  • Maximum compliance with all delivery arrangements;
  • Minimization of external factors impact;
  • Maximum cargo safety.

If there is an urgent need to deliver cargo over a long distance within the shortest possible time, carriage by air from China to Ukraine is a single option.

Why is it beneficial to order carriage by air from China from Карго-мск?

Satisfying the clients with our services of air carriage from China and their desire to work with us again and again is very important for us. We are working to make the client's interaction with China or other foreign suppliers as simple and profitable as possible.

Our company offers affordable prices and a full range of logistics services, including containers carriage. We are ready not only to deliver the cargo but help with legal affairs.

What determines the cost of air delivery

The price of international carriage by air depends on different factors, the main ones are:

  • Cargo type, its size, weight and volume
  • The distance;
  • Urgency;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Legal backing at every stage of air delivery;

Of course, not only the above-mentioned factors can impact the final price. In order to determine the delivery price and order air delivery from China or Turkey Ukraine with the Карго-мск company, we offer you to contact our managers by phone or using the form on our website. Our qualified specialists will fully inform and consult you and answer all topical questions.

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