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We provide a full cycle of cargo delivery from China to Ukraine on a turnkey basis with the best options and without middlemen.

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(Carriage of containers by sea from 45 days). The cheapest delivery from China to Ukraine. We are ready to deliver a container anywhere in China or deliver cargo to our own warehouse. We can send containers of any dimension (20, 40, 40 High Cube, 45 High Cube)

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Flight twice a week. Time limits of express air delivery from China to Ukraine are from 9 working days. Faster cargo delivery. Price is from $6 per 1kg.

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How we work:

  • Receiving the application
  • Consolidation and if necessary, additional packaging cargo in a warehouse
  • Cargo delivery from China to Ukraine
  • Cargo customs clearance in Ukraine
  • Cargo delivery to our client
  • Payment receiving

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Consolidated cargo delivery from China to Ukraine is popular direction that we have been providing for many years. We offer favorable terms of partnership to our regular clients as well as for new clients. Delivery price from China to Ukraine is calculated at establishing a contract and is not changed unilaterally until the end of the partnership.

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The benefits of our company:

Consolidated cargo delivery from China is a complicated process, the success of which depends on how competent and experienced people who plan each stage are, as well as the resources that are involved in the complex services organization. We have not only long experience but a variety of advantages:

1. Our own logistics network. Consolidated cargo delivery is provided along any route, while the cargo delivery from China is controlled at every stage;
2. Favorable shipping schedule. Daily shipping guarantees timely delivery without unexpected delays;
3. Customs formalities. We provide a work package regarding paperwork for customs clearance for cargo in Ukraine from China;
4. Small cargo delivery from China. Delivery of a small number of samples from trial consignment is possible;
5. Only real prices. All expenses for cargo transportation from China including paperwork and customs duties are calculated at the time of making arrangements and beginning of cooperation. These terms remain unchanged until fulfilment of the obligations and delivery of cargo;
6. Related services. We help to find you trading partners, provide legal advice and the possibility to consult with vendors, take part in organizing business trips and shop tours, provide services of professional guides-interpreters.


Paperwork is an important part of fast cargo delivery from China to Ukraine. Competent cargo execution, full package of shipping documents is crucial to fast customs clearance in Ukraine without any violations. The safety and security of the client's cargo are one of our priorities. That is why this process is a vital part of transportation.

Cargo reception in a warehouse in China comes with an instantaneous report to every client, checking cargo integrity, quantitative matching and checking the adequacy of packing. When needed, we arrange packaging to ensure cargo integrity when delivering from China. All expenses are calculated by our managers in advance, which means you will know the accurate price of delivery from China after the first call.

Why has cargo delivery from China become accessible?

Today, cargo delivery from China to Odessa, Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine is usual practice since there are many companies that provide this service. However, it is us who is the leading company in cargo transportation from China. There are several important reasons for this:

  • Focus on customer centricity;
  • Satisfying the requirements of clients;
  • Solving of any, even the most complex problems.

Does your business require regular cargo delivery from China to Ukraine? Are you looking for reliable partners for cargo transportation? Do you have many challenges but do not know how to solve them? Are you interested in business trips to China? Call us right now! We guarantee cargo delivery from China to Ukraine on time and full safety of the goods, as accuracy and transparency is credo of Карго-мск. And the cargo delivery price from China to Ukraine will definitely please you.

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